Post image for February 2014 release : PROTECTION

February 2014 release : PROTECTION

Dice of Heart DETAILS OF LOVE album in the make

After a brief European summer tour and the East Coast autumn tour in 2013, the Two-Headed Monster team is back for the winter rainy season : ‘The Creation Station’ Studio is cranked up high on producing new Lenkadu tracks.

Currently available for download per-track via bandcamp, soundcloud and other social media, the album DETAILS OF LOVE will be printed in the spring of 2014.

Lenkadu management team is full on booking spring and summer dates to support the release of this unique and powerful song collection.

These tunes are ruthlessly honest, fearlessly experimental and weightlessly ethereal.

Check out the media player and download latest release PROTECTION.

Thank you for all the support. We are coming back this Spring loud and strong.