May 2013 Release : Cavalier

May 2013 Release : CAVALIER


Cavalier Logbook:

June 2011 :: On a night ride through Forestville, Lenkadu samples the engine of 1937 Graham Cavalier, “Grammy”. While cruising through the fog-filled landscape, today is the first time she realizes her Cavalier is courting her.

June 2012 :: On a dry still afternoon, Lenkadu enlivens the ‘Grammy’ sample in her machine by looping it through a set of filters. The engine is the bass! While activating the creation station in her new home on the West Coast, she finds a sample of Her Cavalier’s laugh and decides that this track will be about “all the new sounds of this new amazing man”, Her Cavalier.

June 2013 :: On a stage of NYC, Lenkadu finishes the lyrics to this feisty track. Through the gasping of her audience, she hears the charge in her video projections of skydivers and decides Cavalier lyrics to ‘dive in the unknown’.

LENKADU // samples, composition and production

JEREMY SUMMERTON-FRENCH // guitar, engineering and mastering