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06/24/2017Longboard Winery 2:00 PMLongboard Vineyards Wine, Waves & Soul Exhibit
06/22/2017KRCB radio 11:00 AMLive in-studio on KRCB radio
06/12/2017Sunshine Roasters 1 pmLenkadu Art Show & Sale May thru June at Sunshine Roasters Forestville
04/22/2017Griffin Map Design, 122 American Alley, Suite A, Petaluma, CA 94952 11 am - 7 pm Lenkadu show at the Griffin Gallery for National Record Store Day
04/20/2017Wine Guerilla 1 pmLenkadu Art Show and Sale Jan thru May in Tasting Room downtown Forestville
03/04/2017Wine Guerilla 2 PMreception for the Garden Labyrinth Show
06/11/2016Wine Guerrilla 4 PMLenkadu @ Wine Guerrilla Forestville
01/09/2016Caspar Inn 20:00
11/19/2015Out of the Blue Gallery 10 PMhttp://outoftheblueartgallery.com/
04/25/2014Zodiacs Petaluma 8 PMopening set for Materialized
04/05/2014Caspar Inn 8 PMLenkadu, iNi and Selektor Science celebrating Caspar Inn opening!
10/18/2013Sound Studio Studio for Interrelated Media 1:30 PMlecture on sound engineering with Jeremy Summerton-French at Studio for Interrelated Media
10/17/2013Pozen Center at Massachusetts College of Art and Design 1:30 PMLenkadu show and workshop at Studio for Interrelated Media at MassArt
10/16/2013Wonderbar 9:00 PMWobble Wednesdays opening set for Phutureprimitive
09/14/2013Crest Theatre 6:00 PMPremier of 'Floating' music video by Jason Clark at Sacramento Film Festival
07/20/2013U křivé vrtule Aeroklub Medlánky 8 PMCrushing Milan & Dana Wedding~ Private Show
04/27/2013Out of the Blue Gallery 4 PMMy (he)art is with you forever with (((::OF THE SUN::))) and Katrine Burkitt Artshow
04/26/2013Eventworks Festival at Massachusetts College of Art and Design 8 PMEventworks Festival at Massart
04/25/2013Highline Ballroom 10:30 PMopening set for Polish Ambassador & Blockhead
02/14/2013Hopmonk Tavern Sebastopol 21:00Psychedelic Valentine @ Jukejoint
12/29/2012Caspar Inn 10:00 PMLenkadu at Fuzzy Nights
09/13/2012Hopmonk Tavern Sebastopol 10:00 PMwith Polish Ambassador and Malarkey
08/16/2012Hopmonk Tavern Sebastopol 10:00 PMwith Beli3ver and Random Rab
07/11/2012Jasper O'Farrell's Pub 10:00 PMBrainstorm:: Female Artists Night
06/30/2012The Philadelphia Experiment Summer Fest 9:00 PMThe Philadelphia Experiment
05/29/2012Church (by Fenway) 8.00 PMwith Effective Dose under MySecretBoston booking
05/26/2012Out of the Blue Gallery Cambridge Central 1.00 PMwith ((::OF THE SUN::))
05/03/2012Caspar Inn 9:00 PMThe Most Epic Nightclub on the West Coast
04/07/2012North American Buggy Expo 8 PMNorth American Buggy Expo
03/18/2012Midway Cafe 8:00 PMwith ((::OF THE SUN::))
03/14/2012Middle East Club Cambridge-Upstairs 8.00 PMwith ((::OF THE SUN::)) and Color Channell
02/25/2012Caspar Inn 9:00 PMFuzzy Nights
02/23/2012Hopmonk Tavern 9:00 PMopening for Juke Joint
02/06/2012Brighton Music Hall 7:00 PMopening for Zammuto (Nick from The Books)~ incl. film screening!
01/20/2012Arlene's Grocery 8:00 PMwith decibel.
07/21/2012Caspar Inn 9:00 PMwith Gettin' Hitched, The iPod Viking and Two-Headed Monster

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