About Lenkadu

About Lenkadu

Lenkadu @ PEX Summer Festival 2010

Hailing from the Czech Republic, by way of Boston, and now based in Forestville of the San Francisco Bay area, Lenkadu is a mid-tempo live electronica performer. Her sets combine the power of a DJ with the vulnerability of a live performer. She samples her field recordings, makes beats and processes her voice, thumb piano, mouth harp and shaker, while controlling Ableton Live with her feet. Lenkadu music draws from electronic music, avant-garde sound art and progressive metal.

Building on an extensive experience as a VJ, video is an integral element of her music. Lenkadu’s shows are ethereal and psychedelic experiences fueled by an empowered yet gentle vision of personal transformation and collective consciousness.

Known for touring nationwide, her notable shows include opening for acts such as Bassnectar and Lotus as well as amazing sets at Miami Winter Conference, Earthdance and The Philadelphia Experiment.

Lenkadu released an EP album Redshiftin February 2011. Since then, she has been remixed by producers worldwide. In January 2012, she released 5 tracks in collaboration with various US producers and continues to keep her fans involved with continuous releases of new videos. Her most recent tracks are Into the Slipstream and Floating, both available online. Lenkadu is gearing up towards a full-length album in the spring of 2013.

Lenkadu is more than a singular artist. It is a collaborative platform for fellow producers, musicians, designers and artists whose sensibilities and dedication align with those of Lenka Chludová.

Welcome, eternity starts here!

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